2018 Sydney Listen Out & Wollongong Yours and Owl's Festival Competition

Attention all fezzy goers!

We have a mission for YOU - The Goblin Army

This long weekend there are 2 music festivals The Sock Goblin wishes to infiltrate.

#listenout & #yoursandowls

The socks you must wear will be the "OG Sock Goblin Munt and Blunt socks"

We will be offering a chance to WIN THE PRICE OF YOUR FESTIVAL TICKET, and it starts with FREE SOCKS.

Contact us this upcoming week to enter and collect your socks (yes they are 100% free, but there are only 100 pairs available so get in quick), wear them on the day and tag #thesockgoblin #goblinarmy & @thesockgoblinstore for your chance to win.

Prizes will be given to:

- Best outfit = $30 TSG voucher
- Best group shot = $40 TSG voucher
- Best vid/pic of a drink sculled through a sock (a sockie) = $50 TSG voucher

#thesockgoblin will pay the FULL PRICE of your ticket if you get a photo with the headliner of the festival.


Listen Out:
- Skrillex
- Confidence man
- A$AP Rocky

Yours and Owls:
- Jungle Giants (sat)
- Peking Duk (sat)

- Alison Wonderland (sun)
- Angus and Julia Stone (sun)

- The socks must be visible in the picture
- The artist must be actively involved in the picture e.g acknowledge the socks or aware of the picture being taken
- There is only 1 x major prize awarded per headliner (7x ticket $$$ up for grabs)
- The major prize will be awarded as CASH (bank transfer or preferred method etc.)
- It is what you think it is, a cheeky photo from the crowd doesn't count 

The game has been set.

Good luck and message us on our channels to get your socks!

Facebook - The Sock Goblin
Instagram - @thesockgoblinstore
Email - sockgoblinsales@gmail.com

OG Sock Goblin Munt and Blunt socks