Schlinger Coins aka “Schlingers” or "SC"

Benefits of using Schlinger Coins (SC)

  • Discounts and % off on
  • Discounts to latest designs
  • Free shipping codes
  • You can tell your friends you are ridiculously wealthy for a sock goblin


How to earn Schlinger Coins (SC)

  • 500 SC upon sign up
  • 250 SC for sharing TSG on social media
  • 100 SC for liking TSG on social media
  • 2000 SC when you celebrate your birthday
  • 20 SC for every $1 spent in store
  • The Sock Goblin may distribute SC to helpful fans, comment and stay involved in The Sock Goblin's channels to earn yourself some!

How to sign up for Schlinger Coins (SC)

Step 1. Look towards the bottom right of your page for an Icon with a gift symbol and “My Schlinger Coins” on

Step 2. Click “Join Now” and fill in your account details

Step 3. Enjoy using your Schlinger Coins!


The Story

Schlinger coins are the currency used by The Sock Goblin and all sock goblins alike. The currency is mainly used in the trade of socks and other sock related commodities.

Schlinger coins were invented through a hasty exchange during a raid between two sock goblins, Goblor Speronious and Rograck "The Crescent".

Rograck had a large stockpile of troll socks he had been saving for the upcoming goblin winter. Troll socks are very sought after due to their comfort and high quality. His stash of cool socks was the talk of the local town Phlemarket, a poor town full of weary and cold sock goblins. Many were jealous of his high quality socks, and some were angry he wouldn’t share any of his loot.

So naturally sock goblins from the town attempted to steal some of his socks for their own.

*As goes in goblin Law - Theft is not a crime. However if you are caught (by another sock goblin) you merely owe them a token of equivalent value.*

During one particular raid, the mighty blundering sock goblin warrior Goblor Speronious was left high and dry by his comrades. Rograck had left a pile of 500 cool funky socks in a tempting position in the light of the crescent moon, typical of Rograck’s style to catch thieves.

Goblor, being abandoned by his thieving party, became too tempted to resist and went for the haul. Just as he jumped on the pile and began to shovel the awesome socks into his bottomless sock sack Rograck jumped out from his viewing spot, took a photo of him with his Nokia N90 and exclaimed “haHAAA Goblor Speronious! I got you for the theft of 500 of my most comfortable socks!”.

Understanding the laws of The Sock Goblins, Goblor knew he was now in debt to Rograck. Unfortunately Goblor was going on holidays soon so he knew wouldn’t see Rograck any time soon and felt bad for the poor, stupid rich, stupid... rich bastard. So he ripped an emerald button (worth 500 socks) from his coat, schling’d that bad boy at him and left with the booty.

As soon as the button came into Rograck’s possession the magic of the ancient sock goblin’s reflected to him its value of 500 cool funky awesome comfortable high quality socks.
The button was easy to distribute between other sock goblins and word quickly spread of the ease of debt payment, just being able to “schling” a valuable button.

It wasn’t long before this became the norm and were aptly named “Schlingers”. These valuable buttons became the recognised currency for sock goblins far and wide.

In recent times due to the invention of the internet and high volume transactions between sock conglomerates, an electronic version of Schlingers was established. This cryptocurrency which is based on the intrinsic value of a pair of stolen socks is called “Schlinger Coin” (SC) and is available for use on



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