About Us

Welcome fellow Goblin/Goblette/Whatever!

The Sock Goblin is the brainchild of two quirky Australians; Lloyd Gibbs and Patrick Connell.

We started The Sock Goblin because we were sick of the boring politically correct society that we all live in. So we created our own universe. The Sock Goblin Universe. A place where people can express who they truly are without being judged. Somewhere that is full of smiles and out of this world events.

To do this we decided to form a partnership with an almighty creature known as The Sock Goblin or “TSG”

The Sock Goblin loves socks!

If you have ever wigged out because you lost a sock while wearing it or felt like a weirdo because your foot gloves are odd? We're here to say “relax, it's okay! The Sock Goblin stole your sock and he's never giving it back!

Thanks for being a great customer!
We hope you enjoy the socks we have to offer!

PEACE OUTTT...... (Drops mike)

P.s (sorry mike)

Our team:

Lloyd Gibbs - Co-Owner (The man with the clipboard and calculator)

Patrick Connell - Co-Owner (The guy who makes the pictures pretty)

Billee Ward - Photographer (Say Cheese!)

Robin a.k.a The Sock Goblin - Stock Acquisition (The cheeky goblin himself)