Become a sock goblin

Are you a trend setter?
Are you always looking for the newest and coolest products?
Do you want to get socks for a higher discount, or better yet for free?
Do you want to make money online?

Join our Goblin Army and become a Sock Goblin today.

We offer media and promotional packages to fans and influencers that want to help grow our brand.

The Goblin Army is our affiliate program that offers discounts and commissions on sales for participants.

Anyone can join, and the benefits include:

- 10% commission on all sales generated
- personalised 10% discount code
- shoutouts on our Instagram @thesockgoblinstore

For anyone who has a large enough following on their social media accounts, they can apply for a media package.

Currently our media package includes:

- personalised lifetime discount code for 50% off on our entire range
- higher commission rates on sales generated (up to 50%)
- 3 pairs of socks of your choosing per month
- shout outs on our Instagram @thesockgoblinstore

You can submit your application here*.

Currently our threshold for media packages are as follows:

Social Media

Influence Threshold


10k+ Followers


1k+ Followers

Facebook Pages

10k+ Likes

Blogs 1k+ Monthly readers
Youtube 1k+ Subscribers
Tumblr 10k+ followers
Pintrest 10k+ followers
Other Apply for more info

You can find our terms and conditions for media packages here.

*Media packages come with monthly obligations, if you do not fulfil the requirements each month you may lose the benefits from being a media package member.